【Sony】 HW-30

In June 1985, around the time that Japanese language word processors began to spread as document creation machines for offices, Sony announced the HW-30 "Hit Bit Word", a handy-type Japanese language personal word processor.

1) "50 sounds" layout keyboard
The unit was designed for ease of input, even by beginners, with Japanese phonetic letters arranged on the keyboard in the standard Japanese "50 sounds" layout.The keyboard was the full-stroke type , using large keys, and it was easy to use and could withstand long-term use.
2) Capable of kana-kanji conversion using kana/romaji input
Conversion to kanji (Chinese characters) could be done by inputting either in kana or romaji. The layout for alphabetic letters was the same as an English typewriter (JIS standard).
3) 3,526 characters built-in
The system enabled use of alphanumeric characters, hiragana, katakana, symbols and kanji. A total of 3,526 characters were built-in, including the 2,965 JIS level 1 kanji. For printing size, the user could select full-size, double-size or half-size (alphanumeric characters only).
4) Idioms and sentences could be stored in memory
Ten types of characters or idioms could be stored in commonly used phrase memory. The system could store a maximum of 1,280 characters in memory.
5) Equipped with liquid crystal display
The system was equipped with a wide 12-digit liquid crystal display.
6) Built-in thermal transfer printer
The equipment had a built-in 16x16dot thermal transfer printer, and could print 5 colors by changing the printing ribbon.
7)Compact design and 3 power supply system
The unit had a 3 power supply system: dry cells, rechargeable battery or AC100V. With a weight of 2.6kg (main unit only), 64mm thickness, and a carrying belt, the system was easy to carry.
HW-30 Main Specifications
Input system Input using "50 sounds" layout keyboard
Alphabetic letters were arranged into a JIS standard keyboard
Conversion system Kanji sequential conversion with kana or romaji input
Display screen 12-digit liquid crystal display
Display characters Gothic, 16x16dot
Number of characters 3,526char (JIS level 1 kanji, alphanumeric, hiragana, katakana, symbols)
Memory capacity Document: 1,280char (full-size characters)
Commonly used phrases: 10char x10 (full-size characters)
Document creation functions Correct, insert, delete, move, line insert, double-size, full-size, half-size
Print system Thermal transfer
Print characters Gothic, 16x16dot
Number of print characters 40char (full-size)
Print speed 13char/sec
Paper size Freely sizable up to max. 242mm wide (A4 size)
Character size 10.5point (full-size)
Paper type Ordinary paper, thermal paper, standard postcards
Printing functions Horizontal printing, vertical printing, batch/1-line printing
Power supply DC6V, 4 "D" batteries or rechargeable battery (sold separately, HWB-30), or AC100V 50/60Hz (using included AC-HW1 AC adapter)
Power consumption Approx. 6W
Size 346 (width) x 300 (depth) x 64 (height)mm
Weight Main unit: Approx. 2.6kg (Approx. 3.0kg, including dry cells)