【Oki Electric Industry】 OKI WORD EDITOR-200

In May 1979, Oki Electric Industry announced the "OKI WORD EDITOR-200" as a low-end Japanese language word processor. This system integrated display, keyboard, kanji printer and other devices. Three slave units were connected to a single master unit -- which housed the CPU and sentences like commonly used phrases -- and work could be done simultaneously with the 3 slave units.
The system was equipped standard with 3,304 JIS Level 1 standard characters, and used a display select system. When an "on-yomi" (phonetic sound of a Chinese character) was input from the keyboard, characters starting with that sound were displayed on the display screen, and the user would select the pertinent character from the display for input.
A wire dot kanji printer was used for printed output, and clear characters in the Minchotai font could be printed out using a 24x24 dot matrix. Vertical/Horizontal writing was selectable.
The system had numerous editing and correction functions, including: quotation of commonly used phrases, same text letter processing, easy insertion/deletion of characters/sentences at the printer, and the ability to automatically convert pre-designated words to kanji.

OKI WORD EDITOR-200 Japanese Electronic Typewriter