【Oki Electric Industry】 Lettermate80

The Lettermate80 was a Japanese language typewriter announced in May 1980 by Oki Electric Industry. It was basically comprised of a keyboard and printer, just like a conventional Japanese typewriter. It was the compact desktop type which could be used on an ordinary office desk. Japanese language word processors were expensive at that time, so the system was called a "Japanese language electronic typewriter" based on a low-price strategy.

The main features of the unit were as follows:

(1) Approx. 1/3-3/5 price of Japanese word processors available on the market
(2)Compact, desktop type
(3)Clear printing like a Japanese typewriter
(4)The dot-impact mechanism enabled printing of 3 copies
(5)Correction, editing and file functions adequate for word processing
(6)The keyboard layout could be selected from the Japanese type (all character layout) or the kana type (display selection type).
(7)In addition to the display characters, it was possible to add, create and register special characters and marks
Lettermate80 Specifications
Input Keyboard layout Pen-touch type all-character layout or
display selection
Provided characters 3,320chars (kanji, alphanumeric, kana, symbols)
Output Print mechanism Wire dot impact
Character configuration 24x24dot matrix
Character size 3.5mm x 3.5mm
Font Minchotai
Print speed 25chars/s
Print characters per line Max. 80chars/line
Paper B5, A4, B4, continuous paper (max. width 16inches)
Number of copies 3
FDD Mini floppy disk Approx. 50 A4 pages of memory
Correction/Editing functions Correction/Editing functions: Insert, correct, delete, apply to entire text, tab, margins, quoting commonly used phrases, merge print, subscripts, framing, centering, line end justification, underline, table generation, format variation, calls, line start/end rules etc.
  • User character design
  • User character display, register, delete
  • Common phrase file display, register, delete
  • Address file display, register, delete
  • Document file display, register, call
  • Mini floppy disk initialization, file securing, copying
Other Dimensions W560mm x D570mm x H170mm
Weight Main unit: 23.6kg, Mini floppy disk: 6.5kg
Power supply AC100V±10%
Power consumption 230VA
Environmental conditions Operating Temperature 10°C-35°C, Operating Humidity 30-80%RH

Lettermate80, Japanese Language Electronic Typewriter