【NEC】 VWP-100 Series

In October 1982, NEC announced the VWP-100 Series -- the world's first voice word processor for creating text by inputting via voice rather than through key or pen-touch input.

The features of this product were as follows:

1) It employed monosyllable input, a voice-based text input method suited to the Japanese language.In Japanese, the monosyllabic sounds "ah", "ee" and "ooh" correspond 1-to-1 with kana letters (Japanese phonetic letters). Therefore, this method is suited to input of Japanese language sentences using voice. Also, with voice recognition of monosyllables, there is no limit on the number of words which can be recognized, so the system is also suited for inputting data containing many proper nouns, such as names and addresses.
2) High-precision analysis was achieved using digital signal processing LSI, and a high recognition rate was achieved by employing monosyllable recognition based on a time normalized matching system developed independently by NEC. Recognition could be done instantaneously (approx. 250ms) using multiprocessor based dedicated hardware.
3) The system had a 40 x 25 character CRT display, and a vertical/horizontal scrolling function enabled editing and display of texts with up to 90 characters in one line. Thick and thin lines could be drawn with simple operation, and table generation was easy. The system was also equipped with powerful editing functions, such as arithmetic functions for calculating numerical data in documents.
VWP-100 Series Specifications
  VWP-101 VWP-102 VWP-103
Announced October 1982
Voice input Recognized words: Specific speaker, monosyllable recognition (68 syllables)
Registration trials 3 trials to store each monosyllable
Recognition method Independently developed method based on DP matching
Display Screen size CRT 14inch
Display 40char x 25line, 16x16dot
Printer Characters 10.5point, 3.3x3.5mm, 16x16dot
Printer characters per line 53 90
Max. paper width A4 (Vertical) B4 (Horizontal)
Print system Dot impact system
Speed 40char/line
Characters Standard 3,858char (including JIS level 1§j 7,242char (including JIS level 1 and 2)
JIS level 2 3,384char (using external character storage)
User added 94char
Files Floppy disk type inch x2
Program/Dictionary (x1), For documents (x1)
Document capacity A4 size
Dictionary Basic words 25,000
User stored 5,000
Functions Table generation function, horizontal scrolling, calculation functions, layout display
External dimensions
Main unit 500x460x350mm 27kg
Keyboard 500x230x60mm 4kg
Audio input 450x310x250mm 25kg
Printer 400x320x120mm 12kg 570x395x280mm 19kg
Power supply AC100V±10%
Power consumption 600VA 650VA

VWP-100 Series Voice Word Processor