【NEC】 PWP-100

In March 1984, NEC entered the personal word processor market, by announcing the NEC personal Japanese Language word processor PWP-100, employing the M System keyboard.

This product aimed to simplify the input method and improve input speed for text with a mix of kanji (Chinese characters) and kana (Japanese phonetic letters) -- a key issue for Japanese language word processors at the time. The PWP-100 employed a new input system (the M System keyboard) developed in March 1983 by Morita Masasuke, a special consultant to NEC. It was an integrated, dedicated machine which incorporated a 12-inch CRT display, a 3.5-inch floppy disk drive, and a dot-matrix printer in a single console. The sale price for the whole system was 349,800 yen, and the price without a printer was 252,500yen. This was the first time in Japan that a dedicated machine with a CRT display achieved a price at the 300,000 level. This in turn was due to the reduced size and cost of components, such as electronic devices like 1-megabit mask ROM and the micro floppy disk.

PWP-100 Specifications
Main unit Input system New Japanese language input system (M System)
Display capabilities 12inch (non-glare type CRT tube)
Number of displayed characters: 80char. (40char. x 20lines)
Character configuration: 16x16dot
Memory capacity 3.5-inch micro floppy disk drive
Floppy for documents: Max. 32 documents
Capacity per document: 252lines (When using 50% kanji and 60% of each line)
Dictionary function Number of words: Approx. 35,000
Number of user stored brevity codes: Max. 128
External dimensions (Units: mm) Main unit:370(W)x301(H)x366(D)
Weight Approx. 9.9kg, Keyboard: Approx. 1.4kg
Power consumption Approx. 45W
printing system Dot-matrix system
Dot configuration 16x16dot (printing using bit image)
Print speed 92characters/s (HS Pica characters)
Printed characters per line 80characters/line (HS Pica characters)
Paper width 4.5-10inchs
Interface Conformed to Centronix specifications
External dimensions (mm) 352(W)x87(H)x255(D)
Weight 6kg
Power consumption Standby: 15W; During operation: Max. 59W