【NEC】 NWP-20

In May 1980, NEC marketed the NEC Japanese language word processor NWP-20 -- the company's first standalone dedicated machine for text processing.

At the time, the introduction of an English word processor led to high expectations in Japan for a Japanese language word processor -- as a new text creation tool to replace a Japanese typewriter. The NWP-20 was a response to that.

It had the following main features:

1) It had not only interactive editing-and-correcting capability to allow its user to edit (modify, insert and delete) and correct texts using a keyboard while watching a display, but also a batch configuration function (to enable creation of correction instructions separate from a main text, which were batch processed later with the text) and a search function for chapters, sections, paragraphs and text strings.
2)The system could handle 8,500 different characters, including JIS level 1 and level 2.
3) Idioms and frequently used phrases could be stored in an idiom input keyboard, and could be called up and used by simply pushing a key.
4) It employed a large display capable of displaying 640 characters, and thus was easy-to-see and operate.
5) It could print about 9 A4 sheets in one minute using a high-speed non-impact page printer (NIP).

Prices started at 4,250,000 yen for a model equipped with an impact-type Japanese language line printer. These systems helped to make text preparation tasks in offices more efficient.

Specifications of NEC Japanese Language Wordprocessor NWP-20
Item Specifications
CRT display Screen size 14inches
Display capacity 40 char. x16line, 640 char. (display color: green)
Character pattern 24x24dot
Number of characters Standard3,967 Max.8,499(optional)
Pen touch keyboard System Pen-touch tablet (wireless)
Character panel 60x55 3,300char.
Idiom input 126x10sheet 1,260idioms
Page printer Printing system Electrophotographic non-impact printer employing laser beam
Paper Ordinary paper (cut paper):A4, A5, B4, B5
Character size 9points (standard), 7points, 12points(optional), vertically enlarged type (x2) for each size
Character pattern 32x32dot (for 9 point)
Number of print characters Standard: 3,967, Max. 8,499 (optional)
Print speed A4 paper, 9sheets/min (860lines/min)
Japanese language printer Printing system Dot-impact line printer
Paper Folding paper with sprocket holes: Max. 15inch width
Character size 0.5point and double-size character
Character pattern 24x24dot
Number of print characters Standard: 3,967, Max. 8,499 (optional)
Print speed 60lines/min
Floppy disk Memory capacity Approx. 1MB (approx. 300 A4-size pages), x3 (standard)
Editing/Correction functions Correction functions Character string (character, word, and sentence) insert/delete/replace, batch conversion, copy, move, and search
Edit functions Quote: Quotation of previous created text
Insert: Automatic insertion of changed part of same document (addresses etc.)
Format control: Vertical text, horizontal text, designation of the number of characters in a designated line
Justification functions: Centering, line end justification, justification on both ends, framing, indentation, rule processing, table generation, paging
Operation modes Interactive/Batch input, direct/indirect quote, interactive/batch correction