【NEC】 Bungou mini5RD

In February 1990, NEC marketed the Bungou mini5RD, equipped with a 40 character x 22 line large black and white liquid crystal display with backlight.
The main features of this product were as follows:
1) It employed a large easy-to-read black and white 40 character x 22 line liquid crystal display with backlight. With dimensions of 144mm (height) x 230mm (width), the screen was large for a laptop personal word processor at that time, and this made the display screen easier to read.
2) Internal memory capacity was 30 pages (at 1,000 characters/page), which was large for a laptop personal word processor, and this made it easier to edit large documents like academic papers and plans.
3) It employed a 128dot multi-line printer, thus enabling beautiful printout of enlarged characters, images and other data extending over multiple lines.

Bungou mini5RD Specifications
Announcement February 1990
Display Display White mode liquid crystal with backlight (640x400 dot)
40char x 22line (16x16dot)
80char x 30line (8x8 dot reduced display)
20char x 8line (32x32dot enlarged display)
Input Keyboard JIS, Japanese "50 sounds"
Input system AI conversion/continuous clause conversion (200char/40clause), partial enter, kana, romaji, JIS, Japanese "50 sounds"
Dictionary Basic words 76,000
Other 78,000
User words 600 (assuming 2 Chinese characters per word, and 3 letters for reading)
Built-in characters JIS level 1, 2 (ROM) (7,375char)
External characters 10char/document (250char could be stored in FD),
128 external sample characters
Memory Internal 30/20page (1,000char/page) (Note 1)
External 3.5inch (2DD) x1
2DD: Max. 192pages/FD, Max. 60 documents/FD
Printing Printer 128dot multi-line thermal transfer system
Speed Equivalent to 52cps
Paper width Postcard Å`B4width, Max. 88char/line (with 10.5p), ribbon end detection
Font Basic Minchotai, multifont (character units), multipoint (line units), 5P (24x24dot), 7P (32x32dot), 10.5P (48x48dot), 12P (54x54dot)
Optional Gothic, brushstroke
Communication Communication method BBS connection, cross-communication (between machines in the mini5 Series)
Communication speed (PC-VAN connection) 300/1,200/2,400bps
(Cross-communication) 150--9,600bps
Equipment specifications Dimensions (mm) 368Wx384Dx114H
Weight 6.8kg
Power supply AC100V±10%(50/60Hz)
Power consumption 30.0W during standby, 55.0W during printing

Note 1: Image and communication features could not be used when set to 30 page mode.

Bungou mini5RD