In October 1989, NEC marketed the Bungou mini5CARRYWORDEX -- an A4-size notebook word processor.
This product was the successor of the Bungou mini5CARRYWORD, a compact, lightweight personal word processor with separate printer which was marketed in June 1988. The CARRYWORDEX had the following features:
1) Even though it was equipped with communications capability, a standard size keyboard, and a 40 character x 11 line liquid crystal display screen, it was the lightest, thinnest notebook type word processor, with A4 size, a weight of 1.4kg, and thickness of 30mm.
2) A docking station with a built-in 3.5-inch floppy disk drive was provided for use when docked with the main unit, and this made it possible to write documents input using the main unit to floppy disk. (Up to 10 pages could be created, with 1,000 characters/page, in the main unit.)
3) Entered documents could be used with other Bungou mini Series and Bungou series, and the system could also be connected to the PC-9800 Series. Since documents could be manipulated on the personal computer side, regardless of floppy disk size, this machine had outstanding compatibility and was ideal as a word processor for input.
4) It had 9 electronic organizer functions, including: schedule, calendar and clock.

Bungou mini5CARRYWORDEX Specifications
  Bungou mini5
(For reference) Bungou mini5
Announced October 1989 June 1988
Display Display method STN-type liquid crystal
40char x 11line (16dot)
Reduced display 80char x 16line (8dot) 80char x 18line (8dot)
Input Keyboard JIS
Input system Continuous clause
Dictionary Basic and other 140,000word
User stored 200word
External characters 10 (could be stored on FD)
Memory Internal memory capacity 10pages (1,000char/page)
External memory capacity 3.5inch (2DD) x1, 196pages 3.5inch (2DD) x1, 192pages
Printer Sold separately -
Communications 1,200BPS built-in modem (Note 1) -
Equipment specifications¾ Main unit Dimensions(mm) 305Wx214Dx30H 300Wx229Dx40H
Weight 1.4kg Approx. 2.1kg
Power supply 5 AA batteries: Approx. 4 hours (Main unit) Built-in rechargeable nickel-cadmium battery: Approx. 3.5hours (AC adapter included)
Docking station 305Wx220Dx64H, 1.4kg, AC100V (Docking station) -

Note 1: Optional (in docking station)