【Hitachi】 BW-1000

The WordPal Super1000 was equipped with DTP (DeskTop Publishing) features, and was announced in 1987 as an integrated Japanese language word processor.


  1. 15-inch display, one 3.5-inch FDD, a 20 megabyte 5-inch HDD and a mouse
  2. Input could be done smoothly using multiple windows (which allowed viewing of multiple documents at the same time) and by using the mouse to select menu options given as easy-to-understand icons.
  3. Enhanced basic functions, such as simultaneous editing of multiple documents,layout editing and mid-sentence direct input
  4. Automatic conversion of up to a maximum of 700 characters could be done using automatic kana-kanji conversion which required no conversion work.
  5. Numerous options were available, including a laser printer, image scanner and document communication.

WordPal Super 1000