【Hitachi】 BW-20

The BW-20 (commonly called the "WordPal20") was announced in 1981 as Hitachi's first word processor.


  1. 12-inch display, two 5-inch FDDs
  2. The system was equipped with two types of input -- tablet and 2-way -- so the user could select a system suiting their ability and preference. The 2-way system was a method developed independently by Hitachi, and enabled high-speed input of 200 characters/minute.
  3. 35 character/second wire dot printer capable of handling a wide range of paper sizes (A3-B6)
  4. Beautiful documents were achieved by developing fonts specifically for word processors.
  5. The PALCALC1 document system was available as an option, and made it easy to perform spreadsheet calculations, sorting and graphing.

WordPal 20