【Hitachi】 BW-10

The BW-10 was announced in 1982 as a low-cost, mass-market machine based on a revolutionary component design.


  1. Tiltable 9-inch display and a single 5-inch FDD
  2. 40 character/second wire dot printer which could also use continuous paper
  3. It enabled creation of beautiful, easy-to-read documents with 24-dot display/output like that of a high-end machine.
  4. Support for a variety of input methods: kana-kanji conversion, association (2 stroke) input, romaji input and tablet input.
  5. The various components (main unit, display and printer) could be freely arranged to save space.
  6. PALDRAW and PALGRAPH were available as options to facilitate drawing and graphing.

WordPal 10