【Hitachi】 BP-10

In 1990, Hitachi announced the "with me BP-10", a compact personal word processor the size of an A4 binder.

  1. Compact size -- about the same as an A4 binder, with a thickness of 52mm-- which enabled use outdoors with the built-in battery
  2. 640x400 black and white LCD with backlight, and one 3.5-inch FDD
  3. The user could select their favorite color from 3 different body colors.
  4. Ambiguous homonyms could be correctly and automatically converted using AI kana-kanji conversion based on 150,000 examples.
  5. A 40 character/second thermal transfer printer which could handle thick paper by inserting the paper horizontally.
  6. Support for four fonts -- Minchotai, Gothic, Cursive and Brushstroke -- to suit the purpose of use.

with me BP-10