【Fujitsu】 OASYS 30LX

This was a laptop-type personal Japanese language word processor from Fujitsu. It was announced in March 1989. This machine was developed to enable easy input and editing by providing a large, easy-to-read liquid crystal display in a compact laptop body. It had the following features.

  1. High-brightness large liquid crystal display with backlight (tiltable) capable of displaying 40 characters x 21 lines
  2. Built-in 48x48 dot high-quality thermal transfer printer
  3. Seven practical system organizer features
    Address book, telephone book, schedule, system organizer, memo, calendar, clock
  4. Programs were stored in ROM for high-speed processing and improved ease-of-use.
    When the switch was turned on, the initial screen was immediately displayed. This screen was based on the easy-to-use ICON selection system.
    One-touch screen switching from word processing to system organizer
  5. Functionality could be extended using new F-ROM cards.
  6. Provided with a multi-time ribbon allowing repetitive use.
OASYS 30LX Specifications
Model OASYS 30LX
Announcement date March 1989
Display Type High-brightness liquid crystal with backlight
Number of displayed characters 40char x 21line (16x16 dot configuration)
Floppy disk 3.5inch 2DD x1
F-ROM card slot 1
Built-in printer B4 48dot, thermal transfer, postcard
printing capable, 33char/s
Weight Approx. 6.8kg
Power supply AC100V