【Fujitsu】 OASYS 30AD ("Ad")

This was Fujitsu's first notebook style personal Japanese language word processor. It was announced in October 1989, and had the following features:

  1. Lightweight (2kg) compact body, the size of an A4 binder
  2. Large liquid crystal screen capable of displaying 40 characters x 21 lines
  3. A modem card could be built-in, so the system could be used as a communication terminal when out of the office.
  4. Equipped with a 3.5-inch floppy disk drive. Compatibility with the OASYS Series.
  5. High-quality printing was achieved using a special-purpose 48x48 dot thermal transfer printer (sold separately)

In October 1990, Fujitsu added an enhanced model, the OASYS 30AD-EX, equipped with a transmissive liquid crystal with backlight (the backlight could be switched on/off with a single touch).

Main Specifications of the OASYS 30AD and OASYS 30AD-EX
Announcement date October 1989 October 1990
Display Type Reflective high-contrast liquid crystal Transmissive liquid crystal with backlight (backlight could be switched on/off with a single touch)
Number of displayed characters 40char x 21line
Floppy disk 3.5inch 2DD x1
F-ROM card slot 1
Weight Approx. 2kg
Power supply 2-way (AC adapter or dry cell battery)
Number of batteries and charge duration Five AA batteries, 3 hours Six AA batteries, 10 hours