【Casio】 Casio Word HW-100

The "Casio Word HW-100", announced by Casio Computer in April 1985, was developed to pioneer word processing for personal use, by simultaneously achieving simple operation and a mass-market price.
Technically, Casio developed innovations such as the following:

  • A "colloquial sentence input system" for converting natural speech into kanji (Chinese characters)
  • An easy-to-read page layout display function employing a large LCD
  • "RAM pack" memory media which could be installed by simply plugging in
  • A new architecture, incorporating dual CPUs and other features

    In this way, the HW-100 was the first word processor to achieve a mass-market price below ¥60,000 while maintaining the operability to enable easy use by anyone.
    The dual power supply system (dry cell batteries and AC) was used in the highly portable compact body. Three body colors could be selected (black, red or white). This was a product with advanced features suitable for expanding the word processing market from the office to personal applications.

Casio Word HW-100