Hitachi announced the SR2001 supercomputer, its first parallel computer, in June 1994. The SR2001 achieved a maximum speed of 23 gigaFLOPS with between eight and 128 RISC chips connected with a 3D crossbar network. Because it ran on a commercial 200-volt service, the supercomputer could be installed in offices or laboratories without any special cooling equipment.

Main specifications of the SR2001
Construction No. of processing element(PE) 8-128
Total memory capacity 32 GB max.
Processing elements Processor clock frequency 90MHz
Memory capacity 32/64/128/256MB
Cache memory Primary: 8 KB (instruction), 16 KB (data)
Secondary: 1 MB (instruction), 1 MB (data)

The SR2201 supercomputer was announced in July 1995. A massively parallel computer, the SR2201 could reach a top processing speed of about 300 gigaFLOPS in the maximum configuration of 1024 RISC processors connected with a 3D crossbar network.

Hitachi made pseudo vector processing units to accelerate large numeric calculations. Advanced high-density mounting technology slashed the installation space per unit performance to just one-eighth of the previous model.

Hitachi SR2001 enclosure