【Hitachi】HITAC S-3000 Series

Hitachi announced the HITAC S-3000 series of supercomputers in April 1992. The series ran from the S-3800 model, with ultra-fast vector processing, to the S-3600, with excellent cost effectiveness. The models covered a maximum vector performance range of nearly 100-fold, from 0.25 gigaFLOPS to 32 gigaFLOPS.

The HITAC S-3000 series supported large amounts of high-speed extended memory, HIPPI and other extension units, as well as TCP/IP, FDDI, and UltraNet for open-source networks.

Users could select to use either or both the HI-OSF1-MJ UNIX operating system and the VOS3/HAP/AS operating system, which was used on the previous M series.

Main specifications of the S-3800 processor
Model 160 180,182 260 280 480
Max. vector performance
4 8 8 16 32
Main memory capacity
256-1024 512-1024 1024-2048
Extended memory capacity
16 max. 32 max.
No. of channels 32-256

Hitachi HITAC S-3800/480 enclosure