【Fujitsu】 FUJITSU VP2000 Series

The FUJITSU VP2000 Series was announced in December 1988 as the successor of Fujitsu's FACOM VP Series E Model supercomputers. The series had the following features:

  1. By using state-of-the-art ultra high-speed, high-density LSI, it achieved the world's highest speed of 5 gigaFLOPS for a single CPU.
    (FUJITSU VP2600/10)
  2. Expanded parallel execution capability for improved effective performance (about 3 times that of the FACOM VP-400E)
    • Equipped with two general-purpose arithmetic pipelines (This enabled parallel operation with any combination of: addition, multiplication, multiplication & addtion, logical operation. The FACOM VP Series E Models could not perform the parallel operation of two multiplications.)
    • An enhanced mask pipeline enabled parallel processing of mask operations.
    • Enhanced division pipeline processing performance (Division instructions executed about 5 times faster than with the FACOM VP Series E Models.)
  3. System flexibility and economy were achieved by using the DSP (Dual-Scalar Processor) system.
    • New multiprocessor in which two scalar units share a single vector unit
      (There is no need for software to be aware of the fact that the vector unit is shared, so the vector unit usage rate is improved.)
    • Easy to perform a field upgrade from a single processor configuration to the DSP (Dual-Scalar Processor) configuration (Just add a scalar unit)
  4. The series achieved improved system throughput and input/output performance using newly employed system storage.
    • -System storage unit capable of data transfer with the main storage unit
    • High-speed transfer capability with a large capacity of 8 gigabytes maximum (2 gigabytes/second for transfer from storage memory to main storage, and 1 gigabyte/second for transfer from main storage to system storage)
    • Used as a swap area for vector processing, and input/output virtual files
  5. Space-saving, power-saving
    • The series reduced installation area to about 3/4, and power consumption to about 2/3, of the VP Series E Models.
FUJITSU VP2000 Series Specifications
Announcement date December 1988
Max. vector performance (GFLOPS) 0.5 1 2 5
Vector processor Number of VUs (Vector Units) 1
Number of SUs (Scalar Units) VP2100/20,2200/20,2400/20,2600/20: 2
VP2100/10,2200/10,2400/10,2600/10: 1
Vector register capacity 32KB/SU 64KB/SU 128KB/SU
Vector pipelines Number 5 7
Throughput 1 2 4
Pipelines that can operate in parallel 4 6
Buffer storage capacity 128KB/SU
Main elements ECL LSI with 15,000gates/chip and delay time of 70ps/gate
Access time 1.6nanosec. 64Kbit RAM + 3,500 gate RAM & logic LSI
Main storage unit Memory element 1Mbit static RAM, access time 35nanosec
Unit Capacity (MB) 32-1024 64-1024 128-1024 256-2048
System storage capacity (GB) 1,2,4,6,8
Max. number of provided channels 128

(Note) The above specifications are from the time of announcement, and may have been changed due to later improvement.