【Sony】HIT BIT HB-75

Sony rolled out the HB-75 in April 1984 with many functional enhancements to the earlier HB-55. The HB-75 was a home computer compliant with the MSX architecture standard and came with 64 kilobytes of RAM and a retail price of \69,800. It was preloaded with software known as the HiT BiT Note functions, which made it possible to create schedules and make and search address books directly from the keyboard. User-generated data could be printed in four colors with a color plotter-printer, which was sold separately, and saved for archival purposes.

General specifications of the HB-75
Item Description
CPU Z80A equivalent
Memory ROM: 32 KB (MSX-BASIC) + 16 KB
RAM: 64 KB (main); 16 KB (video)
Display resolutions / specifications Text: max. 40 characters×24 lines
Graphics: 256×192 pixels
Sprite images: 32
Colors: 16
Sound functions 8 octaves, three square wave generators,
special sound effects
Cassette interface 1200/2400 baud, FSK modulation scheme
CRT interfaces RF output, composite video output
Keyboard Full-stroke keyboard
ASCII layout (for input of alphanumeric characters and graphical symbols) or Japanese syllabary order (for input of hiragana and katakana characters)
Printer interface 8-bit parallel interface compliant with the Centronics specification
Extension slot I/O bus (50-pin)
Joysticks Connections for two external joysticks

Sony HB-75