【Sony】 SMC-777

Sony began selling the SMC-777 (three-seven) personal computer in November 1983. Aimed for the home market, it came with a built-in 3.5-inch floppy disk drive. Designed to be used without needing any special knowledge, the SMC-777 could be operated by inserting a floppy disk with the appropriate software program into the computer and selecting the required functions from a screen menu with the cursor keys. The SMC-777 came with an original disk containing simple programming languages, software, and games to familiarize users with computers and get them interested in programming while having fun.

The SMC-777 had the following features.

  • 1. The SMC-777 came with Sony's own Sony Filer operating system. Software could be selected and run through simple menu selections.
  • 2. The SMC-777 came with a floppy disk containing eight software applications, including a basic programming language with function-based calculations, an educational programming language, and games.
  • 3. The enhanced color graphics could make use of 16 colors, with the addition of eight intermediate colors to the basic eight colors of the SMC-70. The optional color palette board made it possible to design graphics with 16 colors chosen from a 4,096-color palette.
General specifications of the SMC-777
Item Description
CPU Primary CPU: Z80A
Secondary CPU: M5L8041
Memory ROM: 16 KB (standard, with I/O routines built in)
RAM: 64 KB (main) 38 KB (video)
Kanji-character ROM (sold separately) JIS Level 1 characters (2,965) +
non-kanji characters (885)
Able to use as a Japanese-language word processor with optional software
Display functions Character display 40 characters×25 lines×2 panes, or 80 characters×25 lines×1 pane
Up to 256 display characters
Characters Programmable Character Generator support, 256 characters, various attributes
Graphics display 640×200 pixels (4 colors)
320×200 pixels (16 colors)
Border area 16 colors
Color palette (sold separately) 16 colors selected from a 4,096-color palette
Sound function Three square wave generators
CRT interfaces RGB analog interface
RGB digital interface
Auxiliary cassette interface 1200 BPS
Printer interface Parallel interface (compliant with the Centronics specification)
Keyboard Selectric layout, 50 kana-character order,
74 keys
Joystick Joystick serving as cursor keys built in
Two interfaces for external joysticks
Extension bus interface One internal slot
SMC-70 compatible bus can be pulled out to use expansion cards
Floppy disk drive 3.5-inch single-sided, double-density 280 KB/drive
Data transfer speed: 500 Kbit/
Content on Sony's original disk   1. Sony Filer
  2. Dr. Logo
  3. 777 Basic
  4. 777 Assembler
  5. 777 Debugger
  6. 777 Memo (a simple language)
  7. Bird Crush game
  8. Mysterious Boy game
  9. Pink Cats game

Sony SMC-777