【Tomy】 Pyuta

The Pyuta was a hobbyist personal computer sold by Tomy (today, Takara Tomy) starting in 1982. The name "pyuta" came from the Japanese pronunciation of computer as "konpyuta". Specialized for games and priced at only \59,800, the Pyuta was marketed and sold through toy stores. It featured a 16-bit CPU even though most hobbyist computers were 8-bit at the time. Not only could users play games on special cartridges; they could also use the preinstalled Japanese version of BASIC (G-BASIC) and the graphics software program G-GRAPHIC to create their own games. Although the 16 kilobytes of memory was also used for video RAM, the sprite function that was included for game creation made it practical to develop action games on the Pyuta. Because keyboards were expensive at the time, rubber keys were used. The Pyuta was exported overseas under the name Tutor.

General specifications of the Pyuta
Initial shipping date August 1982
Video display processor TMS9918
Memory ROM:20 KB
Display colors 16 colors
Keyboard 56 keys, JIS standard
Sounds Four sound effects, three square wave generators
Weight 1.7 kg
Media Cartridges
  • Data recorder (compact cassette)
  • Game adaptor

Tomy Pyuta