【Ricoh】 Super Note CS

A notebook computer preloaded with business software.

Launched in October 1995, Ricoh's Super Note CS was a high-performance notebook computer that could be put to work right out of the box because it was preinstalled with Mytools for Windows (Ricoh), Ichitaro dash2 for Windows (JustSystems), and other software programs.

The ATOK9 Japanese-language conversion system simplified Japanese character entry. The Super Note CS came with Beans Note Ichitaro Version, a personal information management tool that included an appointment manager, a business card manager, and a postcard printing function. The notebook ran MS-DOS 6.2 and MS-Windows 3.1 on a 100 MHz Cyrix-DX4 high-speed, high-performance CPU and included a CT65545 graphics accelerator. It was standard equipped with 12 megabytes of main memory, which was expandable to 36 megabytes, and a 340 megabyte hard disk drive. The large 10.4-inch DSTN color LCD monitor displayed both text and graphics beautifully. The Super Note CS was 290×225×50 millimeters in size and weighed 2.7 kilograms.

Super Note CS