【Sord】 IS-11 (Success) Book-sized Computer

Published on Nov. 16, 2012
Last updated on Jun. 22, 2023

SORD announced the IS-11 (Success), an A4-sized handheld personal computer, in January 1984.

Supplied with a Japanese word processor, I-PIPS — an integrated spreadsheet application, and the BASIC programming language, the IS-11 was a compact, integrated business computer.

Hardware specifications of the IS-11C
CPU Z80A(3.6864 MHz)
ROM 96 KB, 128 KB for the kanji font, 128 KB for a kanji dictionary
RAM 64 KB, 16 KB of display memory
LCD monitor 640×200 pixels, 80 characters×25 lines
External interfaces Serial RS-232C, parallel interface, printer interface, microcassette interface (for 128 KB double-sided MC-30 tapes)
Power supply Internal NiCd battery pack, 2.5 hours of continuous operation (main unit only)
External dimensions (mm)
Weight 3 kg

Sord IS-11BSord IS-11C