【Sord】 M200 Smart Home Computer Series

Sord (today, the Toshiba Personal Computer System Corporation) announced the M200 Smart Home Computer series in September 1977.

Japan's first desktop computer, the M200 combined a CPU, keyboard, CRT display, and floppy disk drive into one integrated unit. It ran on the Zilog Z80 processor and was standard equipped with the MF-DOS disk operating system. The computers were supplied with the SORD Extended BASIC plus programming language. This variant of BASIC ran on MF-DOS and had an intermediate language structure that consisted of an easy-to-use interpreter and a fast, highly efficient compiler.

Technical specifications of the M200 series
CPU Z80A(4 MHz)
Hardware arithmetic unit AMD9511
Memory 64 KB+ROM 8 KB
Keyboard JIS enhanced keyboard (included a power key and command and function keys)
CRT 12-inch flat-face, green-character monitor
Display resolution 80 characters×24 lines
Floppy disk drive One 5-inch drive (350KB) (expandable to four drives)
External dimensions (w×h×d) 50×44×55 centimeters
Weight 30 kg

The M203 and M223 were later added to the M200 series. The M223 Mark VI, announced in November 1979, came standard with a hard disk drive.

Sord M200Sord M203 Mark III and M223 Mark III