Hitachi announced in February 2000 the low-priced FLORA 30DV desktop with a CRT monitor as a business computer.

The FLORA 30DV was sold with a 15-inch CRT monitor for エ70,000, a game-changing low price at the time. It could run Windows 2000, the latest Microsoft operating system, and used a CPU chip from AMD, a company with a growing market presence as an Intel-compatible CPU manufacturer. The FLORA 30DV was sold directly over the Internet, after overseas manufacturers who had utilized Internet sales to expand into the Japanese market, as well as in stores. This marketing strategy contributed to its broad success among business computer users.

Specifications of the FLORA 30DV
CPU Monitor Memory Hard drive CD-ROM drive Communications Operating systems
450 MHz AMD-K6-2 15-inch CRT, 1280 x 1024 pixels 64MB 10.2GB 24x LAN Windows 98 2nd Edition
Windows 95