【Toshiba】DynaBook SS433

Announced in 1994, Toshiba’s DynaBook SS433 marked the beginning of the new sub-notebook genre that focused on portability. The DynaBook SS433 was the world’s first B5-size notebook with a built-in floppy drive and it weighed just 1.95 kg. The SS433 ran the Microsoft Windows 3.1 operating system.

Specifications of the DynaBook SS433
External dimensions [mm] and weight 253 x 203 x 45 (w x d x h), 1.95 kg
Power supply Battery pack or 100 VAC Also ran on eight AA alkaline batteries in an emergency
Power consumption 20W
33 MHz 486SX, upgradable to a 50 MHz 486DX2
Memory 4 MB, standard; 20 MB max.
Screen 8-inch STN color LCD screen with a FL sidelight
640 x 480 pixels, VGA compatible
Capable of displaying 16 colors simultaneously from a 4,096-color palette
Pointing device
Aqu Point stick
Storage memory devices Floppy drive: 3.5-inch (1.44 MB / 1.2 MB/ 720 KB)
Hard drive: 2.5-inch 250 MB
RS-232C, printer interface (Centronics), CRT interface (3-row, 15-pin RGB connector), PS/2, one PC card slot (Type II)
MS-DOS V6.2/V,Microsoft Windows V3.1

DynaBook SS433