【Fujitsu】FMV-DESKPOWER Pliche

Fujitsu launched the FMV-DESKPOWER Pliche — a desktop computer with an integral LCD monitor — in November 1997. Pursuing a stylish design and small footprint (the Pliche’s footprint was 60 percent smaller than that of conventional computers) based on the concept of being sized for a “private room,” the Pliche attempted to capture a diverse user base, particularly younger women.

On the design side, the softly rounded curves were a fresh departure from other computers, and three speaker-cover variations were included in different colors (urban gray, moonglow blue, and brownie red) to suit the user’s preferences. For improved usability, carrying handles were built into the case and the Pliche came with a newly designed, space-saving mini-keyboard that included a numeric keypad.

The FMV-DESKPOWER Pliche, with its stylish design and integrated LCD monitor, was in some significant ways a forerunner of many of today’s (2008) computers. Unfortunately, the market never warmed to the Pliche at the time, and the series disappeared about two years later with the final model release in January 2000.

Specifications of the FMV-DESKPOWER Pliche
Model name FMV-DESKPOWER Pliche
(model 16D)
(model 16)
Introduced November 1997
Built-in screen 12.1-inch DSTN color LCD monitor with a FL backlight
12.1-inch TFT color LCD monitor with a FL backlight
Capable of simultaneously displaying 260,000 colors
CPU 166 MHz AMD-K6ェ MMXィ enhanced processor
Memory 32 MB
Hard disk drive 1.7 GB(IDE specification)
flexible disk drive One 3.5-inch drive, three modes*1
Optical drive One 8x CD-ROM drive
External dimensions [mm] 316 x 269 x 367 (w x d x h)
Weight ~10 kg
Power consumption 100 W, max.
OS Windows95
Other details
  • Preinstalled with word-processing and spreadsheet software, train schedules, and other practical programs for families
  • CD-ROM drive, floppy drive, microphone jack, headphone jack, and other frequently used connections placed on the front panel for easy access
  • Keyboard and mouse included
(*1)Three-mode floppy drive: supports disks in any of three capacity formats: 720 KB, 1.2 MB, and 1.44 MB.

FMV-DESKPOWER Pliche (Model 16D)