【Fujitsu】FM TOWNSII Fresh・TV

The FM TOWNS II Fresh ・ TV was a computer with built-in television functionality announced and launched by Fujitsu in May 1994. This model was a pioneering “TV computer” because it added a TV to the previous gold-standard FM TOWNS multimedia computer, which was the world’s first computer to come standard equipped with a CD-ROM drive.

The computer housed a stereo sound-multiplex TV tuner, and the TV could be operated with the included remote controller. In the tradition of the FM TOWNS, the FM TOWNS II Fresh ・ TV provided a rich multimedia environment with a 2x CD-ROM drive, high-quality audio capabilities, and a high-resolution Trinitron monitor.

Fujitsu also made the computer ready to use out of the box by including word-processing, spreadsheet, and networking software.

Specifications of the FM TOWNS II Fresh ・ TV
Model number FMTWMT17FA
Introduced May 1994
CPU i486SX
Memory 6 MB (expandable up to 36 MB)
Hard disk drive 170 MB
flexible disk drive Two 3.5-inch drives, three modes*1
Optical drive One CD-ROM drive (2x speed, multisession support)
External dimensions [mm] 340 x 360 x 125 (w x d x h)
Weight ~10 kg
Power consumption 120 W
OS Windows3.1, DOS/V,
Towns system software V2.1
Other details
  • Supported OverDrive processors*2
  • Standard graphics function capable of displaying 32,768 colors (up to 16.77 million colors as an option)
  • PCM (48 kHz) audio recording and playback function
  • Two general-purpose bus slots and one IC memory card slot (expandable)
  • Included a keyboard, pad, and microphone
(*1)Three-mode floppy drive: supports disks in any of three capacity formats: 720 KB, 1.2 MB, and 1.44 MB.
(*2)OverDrive processor: a replacement processor that increases processing speeds without any special modifications by inserting the processor in the computer’s processor socket. It was possible to boost this model’s CPU performance to that of the 66 MHz i486DX2 processor.