【Mitsubishi Electric】AMITY SP

The AMiTY SP was a mobile computer announced by Mitsubishi Electric in March 1996. Packaged in a compact A5-file-sized case, the AMiTY SP featured a 7.5-inch high-resolution DSTN LCD screen capable of displaying 65,536 colors. The operating system was either Microsoft Windows for Pen Computing 1.1 or Microsoft Pen Service for Windows 95. It came with 13 software programs preinstalled, including communication programs for networking, email, Internet, faxing, and infrared communications, and information management functions such as a scheduler, address book, and note keeper.

The AMiTY SP came with Mitsubishi Electric’s proprietary online handwriting recognition engine, which could recognize katakana, hiragana, alphanumeric characters, symbols, and handwritten kanji characters (2,965 JIS Level 1 characters and 728 JIS Level 2 characters (primarily characters for names)). The computer came with a variety of tools, such as menu selections, handwritten memo entry, handwritten character entry, and a screen keyboard. All functions were easily accessible with the pen.

The AMiTY SP could also be used as an excellent space-saving desktop computer by connecting it to its docking station.

Specifications of the AMiTY SP
CPU Enhanced Intel DX2 (50 MHz) or Write-back Enhanced Intel DX4 (75 MHz)
Math coprocessor (optional) Built in the CPU
Memory Cache 8 KB or 16 KB
RAM 8 KB or 16 KB
Auxiliary Storage devices Hard disk drive 170 MB or 40 MB
External flexible disk drive (optional) 3.5-inch, 1.44 MB / 1.2 M / 720 KB
Display device Display method 7.5-inch DSTN color LCD screen
Display colors, resolution 65,536 colors, VGA (640 x 480 pixels)
External monitor (optional) Connectable to a color monitor
Input devices Stylus pen Electromagnetic induction cordless pen (no battery necessary)
External keyboard (optional) 83-key slim-profile keyboard, 106-key or 90-key JIS keyboard
Interfaces RS-232C / external flexible disk drive One channel, standard (dedicated 26-pin connector)
External monitor One channel, standard (dedicated 8-pin connector)
External keyboard One channel, standard (dedicated 16-pin connector)
PC card One slot, standard (JEITA 4.2/PCMCIA 2.1-compliant, Type II/Type III)
Extension bus One channel, standard (dedicated 120-pin connector for docking station)
Infrared communications Infrared communications port, standard (IrDA 1.0)
Power supply Battery Lithium-ion battery (7.2 V, 1,350 mAh), standard, replaceable
Battery operating time ~3 hours
Battery charging time ~8 hours (charged from the computer, can be charged while computer is in use)
Add-on battery pack (optional) Docks with computer, houses two extra batteries for a total of three batteries with the internal battery
AC adaptor 100 - 240 VAC ± 10%, 50/60 Hz
Power consumption 24 W max
Generated heat 24 J/s max.
External dimensions [mm] 241 x 169 x 28 (w x d x h)
Weight 850 g (including one battery and the stylus pen)