【Mitsubishi Electric】apricot NT386SL

The Apricot NT386SL was a notebook computer running IBM DOS J5.02/V, an operating system supported by the PC Open Architecture Developers’ Group (OADG). Mitsubishi Electric announced the notebook in September 1992. Featuring an Intel 25 MHz i386SL microprocessor and a VGA-compatible white LCD screen, the Apricot NT386SL packed the performance of a desktop into an A4 form factor.

The Apricot NT386SL had the following features.

  • Along with having a high-speed, low-power 32-bit CPU, the notebook was standard equipped with 16 KB of cache memory and could be fitted with a 25 MHz i387SL high-speed math coprocessor.
  • The notebook featured two types of compact, lightweight 2.5-inch hard-disk packs — an 80 MB pack and a 40 MB pack — that could be inserted and removed with one touch. By swapping packs, the computer could be used for multiple tasks.
  • It was standard equipped with a 3.5-inch flexible disk drive with three access modes: 1.44 MB, 1.2 MB, and 720 KB.
  • The battery could be recharged in two hours if the computer was off and in four hours if the computer was in use. The included battery could operate the computer for about 1.8 hours.
  • Either an asynchronous internal modem (2400 bps, MNP Class 5, CCITT, V.42 bis), a fax modem board, or an expansion RS-232C card could be mounted in the dedicated slot.
  • The Apricot NT386SL could access a host computer in a token ring LAN environment by connecting an internal token ring extension unit to the expansion bus connector.
  • The notebook could be used as either a NetWare or a LAN Manager client.
Specifications of the Apricot NT386SL
CPU Processor 32-bit i386SL microprocessor (25 MHz)
High-speed math coprocessor i387SL math coprocessor (25 MHz)
Memory ROM 128KB
RAM 2MB (expandable up to 8 MB in increments of 2 or 6 MB)
Cache memory 16KB
Video RAM 256KB
Storage memory devices Flexible disk drive One 3.5-inch drive (1.44 MB/1.2 MB/720 KB)
Hard disk drive 40MB,80MB
2.5-inch swappable hard disk packs
Display device Display method Backlit LCD screen, 16 gradations, VGA standard
Display color Paper white
Japanese mode Resolution: 640 x 480 pixels
Japanese: 40 characters x 25 lines, 16 x 19 pixels
Alphanumeric: 80 characters x 25 lines, 8 x 19 pixels
English mode Resolution: 640 x 480 pixels
Alphanumeric: 80 characters x 30 lines, 8 x 16 pixels
Keyboard 89 keys, JIS layout
Mouse (optional) Two-button serial mouse
Interfaces RS-232C D-sub 25 pin, asynchronous
Printer Centronics interface
Communications card (optional) Expansion RS-232C card, internal asynchronous modem (2400 bps, MNP Class 5), fax modem
Extension bus 160-pin connector
Power supply AC adaptor AC 100V±10%,50/60Hz
Internal battery Operating time: ~1.8 hours
Charging time: ~2 hours (computer off)
~4 hours (computer in use)
Power consumption 62VA/26W
External dimensions [mm] 297 x 210 x 49 (w x d x h)
Weight 2.8kg

Apricot NT386SL