Oki Electric announced the ONES computer as an office tool that gave powerful support to individual clerical work.

ONES was standard equipped with a Pentium 133 MHz CPU and 256 KB of external cache memory. Also standard was 16 MB of main memory, a 850 MB Enhanced IDE hard drive, a 6x CD-ROM drive, and a Windows 95-compatible 109-key keyboard, providing a comfortable Windows 95 working environment with high-speed processing ability.

ONES came with many preinstalled software titles: Microsoft Word 95, Microsoft Excel 95, Microsoft Internet Explorer, PENSEE for Internet, Super Voice, NIFTY Manager, Media Compo, Jispa, Norikae Annai Jikokuhyou Taiou Ban, and Yarikuri Meijin. This enabled users to start Internet browsing and computer networking right out of the box.