【Oki】OADG DOS/V Computer

The if Note 425 and the if Note 425C were DOS/V computers using the OADG architecture. These computers were designed to be a standard computer platform with the versatility to address a wide range of needs, from portable terminals to space-saving office LAN terminals.

The if Note 450S/C was announced in May 1994 and the if Note 4100C and the if Note 475C in May 1995.

  ifNote425C/425 Standard operating system
ifNote425C/425 i486SL(25MHz) MS-DOS5.0/V + Windows3.1
ifNote450S/C i486DX2(50MHz) MS-DOS5.0/V + Windows3.1
ifNote4100C IntelDX4(100MHz) Windows3.1
ifNote475S IntelDX4(75MHz) Windows3.1

if Note 425