【Oki】if486VX series

The if 486 VX series was positioned to be a more cost effective version of the if 486 VX 520 series with added features such as LAN connectivity and a VGA monitor. There were four models in three configurations: the if 486 VX 510E, the if 486 VX 510S, the if 486 VX 530, and the if 486 VX 550. The if 486 VX series used monitors with an AX-VGA/H architecture, which permitted the use of overseas VGA applications while maintaining backward compatibility with previous applications.

In September 1992, Oki Electric announced two additions — the if 486 VX 530D and the if 486 VX 550D — with more powerful (66 MHz) CPUs.

Specifications of the if 486 VX series
  510E 501S 530 550
CPU i486SX-20 i486DX-33
Math coprocessor (optional) if487SX-20 ———
Memory Main memory Standard
2MB/34MB 4MB/40MB
Expansion 4MB/8MB/16MB/32MB
Monitor (optional) Standard resolution 640 x 480 pixels, 16 colors (260,000 colors, VGA)
Max. resolution
1024 x 768 pixels, 256 colors
CRT monitor 14inch color CRT
Standard internal floppy drive One 3.5-inch drive (0.72 MB / 1.3 MB / 1.44 MB)
Standard internal hard drive One 3.5-inch 40 MB One 3.5-inch 100 MB Can hold up to six drives
Power consumption 250 VA (main unit) and 100 VA (CRT)
External dimensions [mm]/ weight 430(W)×440(D)
×111(H) (w x d x h) /15kg
620(H) (w x d x h)

if 486 VX