【NEC】Mate MA15S/MZ

In November 2000 NEC announced three new series of mini-tower desktop computers equipped with Intel’s latest CPU, the Pentium 4. The Mate (MA15S/MZ) series was aimed at enterprises, the new ValueStar M (VM1500S/57E) series was aimed at consumers, and the ValueStar G (VG15S) series was intended for Web sales. The MA15S/MZ had the following features.

The MA15S/MZ came with Intel’s latest CPU, a 1.5 GHz Pentium 4, for faster computing speeds and a high-performance graphics board for faster image rendering. These features allowed enterprises to run engineering and 3D graphics applications such as CAD/CAM programs and science and engineering computation software, and consumers to enjoy multimedia content — such as high-quality images and audio — and use multimedia authoring tools to create videos and other content. Memory was expandable up to 1.0 GB to support memory-intensive operations.