【NEC】ValueStar NX

NEC made a major announcement in July 1998, introducing 54 new models in 21 configurations. These included the ValueStar NX series, coming in 14 configurations and 36 models, of consumer desktop computers running Windows 98, and the LaVie NX series of notebook computers with five configurations and 12 models. NEC also announced the mobio NX series (four models) of industry-lightest subnotebook computers that ran Windows 98 and weighed as little as about 770 grams. Two new Windows 98 models were introduced to the CEREB NX line that were capable of non-linear video editing.

These new computers had the following features.
  • (1) Windows 98 was preinstalled on all models.
  • (2) For the ValueStar NX series, NEC bolstered its models with large-screen TFT full-color LCD monitors, even providing some models that came with 15-inch LCD monitors.
  • (3) NEC made the Internet easier to use by installing free trial Internet software and trial Web pages that novice users could experiment with.
  • (4) All models were standard equipped with 64 MB of memory and a 56 Kbps high-speed modem and featured enhanced basic performance levels.
  • (5) The computers featured a noise-free design for operation as quiet as a library and various efforts were made in view of environmental conservation, including compliance with the international Energy Star program criteria.

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