【NEC】PC98-NX series

In October 1997, NEC announced the PC-98 NX series of 26 lines consisting of 200 models. The series’ architecture was based on the PC 97/PC 98 system design.*1

At the same time, NEC unveiled six new lines and 15 models for the PC-9800 series, which made use of NEC’s past assets while offering better user environments and better cost performance.

The PC-98 NX series consisted of the following major product lines.
(1) For the enterprise market
NEC offered 15 models in five lines: MateServer NX — ideal for groupware server applications; Mate NX — powerful desktop computers intended for multipurpose client applications; NetFine NX — NetPCs that delivered lower TCO through centralized management from the server end; Fine NX — client computers that offered small footprints and energy savings along with excellent extensibility and operability; and VersaPro NX — feature-rich, high-performance notebook computers able to handle demanding business applications.
(2) For the consumer/SOHO market
NEC offered eight configurations and 26 models in two lines: ValueStar NX — all-in-one desktop computers that stressed ease of use, such as providing all models with USB ports for improved connectivity with peripherals; and LaVie NX — all-in-one notebook computers standard equipped with a CD-ROM drive, a floppy drive, and a battery pack along with a fax modem and application software.
(3) For the portable market
NEC offered three configurations and five models in two lines: Aile NX — notebook computers combining portability and operability; and mobio NX — subnotebook computers.
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