NEC added two models — the PC-9821Ce2 T2 and the PC-9821Ce2 T2D — to its 98MULTi multimedia computer line. The new models featured a built-in TV tuner so users could watch regular TV broadcasts on the computers. NEC announced the new models in July 1994. In tandem with the PC-9821Ce2, NEC rolled out an array of software and accessories, including a TFT full-color LCD monitor that could be used as a television.

The PC-9821Ce2 had the following features.
  • (1) The PC-9821Ce2’s standard 15-inch monitor had a built-in TV tuner, which allowed users to watch TV broadcasts using the entire 15-inch screen. The monitor had a separate power supply so TV broadcasts could be received without turning on the computer.
  • (2) The PC-9821Ce2 was standard equipped with a 2x CD-ROM drive and stereo speakers for audio CD playback as well as a variety of multimedia software.
  • (3) The standard kit included the computer, the 15-inch CRT monitor, a mouse, a microphone, Windows 3.1, and a trial CD-ROM software application, so users could start using the computer straight out of the box.
  • (4) The PC-9821Ce2 was very energy efficient, consuming only 27 W during normal operation and less than 10 W in standby mode.
  • (5) The computer was compact (284 x 220 x 39.5 mm (w x d x h)) and lightweight (1.6 kg).
  • (6) Even though it was energy efficient and compact, the TFT full-color LCD monitor was still capable of rendering up to 16.77 million colors and playing stereo and bilingual TV broadcasts.
  • (7) NEC also provided digital video boards that could play back MPEG digital video (up to 640 x 480 pixels, 30 fps) and software tools for the production of MPEG-compliant video data and the playback of photo CD portfolios for NEC Multimedia Kobo members.