【Toshiba】 DynaBook J-3100SS

Published on Jun. 1, 2006
Last updated on Jun. 22, 2023

This was the world's first A4 binder size notebook personal computer, marketed by Toshiba in 1989. Greater compactness (310(W) x 254(D) x 44(H)mm) and lighter weight (2.7kg) were achieved by surface mount technology,LSI based on super-integration technology,logic circuits as gate arrays, and a thin liquid crystal display with backlight. Main features other than size and weight were as follows:

  1. 80C86 CPU (10MHz). A maximum of 3.5 megabytes of memory (1.5 megabytes standard)
  2. A resume function for restoring the state of the machine when it was last turned OFF at power ON
  3. Liquid crystal display with EL backlight
  4. Battery pack which could be used for 2.5 hours
  5. ATOK7 from Just Systems was provided as the ROM-base kana-kanji conversion dictionary (for converting from the Japanese alphabet to Chinese characters).
  6. External storage unit: FDD (1.2 megabyte/720 kilobyte)

DynaBook J-3100SS001