【Mitsubishi Electric】 MAXY

Announced in 1988, this personal computer from Mitsubishi Electric was developed in conformance to the AX Standard a uniform specification for personal computers which was based on the world's de-facto standard PC/AT machine with the extension of Japanese language processing capability.

The laptop model was equipped with A 16-bit 80286 (12MHz) CPU, 640KB main memory (2.6MB maximum), and a 20 megabyte hard disk. It ran under the MS-DOS V3.21 operating system, had a new AX standard 640x480 dot monochrome liquid crystal display and A 16x19 dot kanji (Chinese character) body size allows. the wide spacing between lines , and thus the system could display easy-to-read Japanese, and beautiful lines and tables. The display had 8 gradations, and could simulate color for representation in applications . It was also possible to display 16 colors out of 64 by connecting to a color CRT.

The desktop model used the 32-bit 80386SX (16MHz), and had a main memory of 1.6MB (7.6MB maximum). It had four expansion slots to accommodate 4 PC/AT full-size cards. It was so compact as a 16-bit machine, with a size of 381mm (W) x 382mm (D) x 155mm (H).

MAXY (Laptop)MAXY (Desktop)