【NEC】 PC-98XL2

In September 1987, NEC announced the PC-98XL2, a 32-bit personal computer equipped with the 80386, a microprocessor from the Intel Corporation. This machine was also the first personal computer in Japan to use Japanese language MS OS/2.


  1. Processing speed was increased by using the 80386, a 32-bit microprocessor (clock frequency 16MHz) from Intel, as the CPU. Software and peripheral compatibility with the PC-9800 Series was maintained. Complete compatibility with the PC-9800 Series was also maintained by providing an additional 16-bit microprocessor, the V30 (clock frequency 8MHz).
  2. In terms of memory capacity, the system had two 5-inch 1-megabyte floppy disk drives and a single built-in 5-inch hard disk, and a second 40-megabyte 5-inch expansion hard disk could also be installed.
  3. The system was equipped standard with 1.5 megabytes of user memory. Memory capacity could be expanded up to a maximum of 14.5 megabytes.
  4. It was also possible to use operating systems other than Japanese language MS-DOS (Ver 3.1) -- multitasking OS, and Japanese language MS OS/2.