In October 1986, NEC announced the PC-98LT, a laptop computer equipped with the V50, an independently developed 16-bit microprocessor.


  1. This was the first machine in Japan equipped with a large liquid crystal display with a display capacity of 640 by 400 dots (40 characters x 25 lines for Japanese). And a single low-power-consumption 1-megabyte 3.5-inch floppy disk unit was bulit into the body. These made it possible to integrate everything into a laptop size. (Size was roughly the same as an A4 book. Weight was approximately 3.8 kilograms.)
  2. The V50, a 16-bit microprocessor developed independently by NEC, was used for the first time as a CPU (clock frequency 8MHz, software compatible with the 8086 from Intel).
  3. Japanese language MS-DOS and N-88 Japanese BASIC were stored in ROM, so programs could be created with the PC-98LT itself.
  4. Software for the PC-98LT could be developed using other models in the PC-9800 Series.