【Toshiba】MAGNIA 7010FR

Toshiba announced the MAGNIA 7010FR in September 1999 with the SFR technology used on the GS700FR to avoid system crashes.

Some system crashes are triggered by certain extraordinary conditions (such as the timing of a certain process, etc.) that occur due to transient hardware or software faults. In many cases when a transient fault occurs, the system can continue to operate correctly without crashing by re-running the process that triggered the system crash. The quick rollback function watches for these conditions and when it detects a system crash situation, it rolls back the active program to the state prior to the crash point and, after the system restarts, re-runs the program. When successful, processing will continue as if no problems had ever occurred. According to Toshiba’s own testing released at the time of the GS700FR announcement, this function raised system reliability by a factor of four. At the time of the MAGNIA 7010FR announcement, however, Toshiba reported that additional testing found reliability was increased by a factor of two.

Toshiba MAGNIA 7010FR high-reliability PC server