【NEC】Express 5800/180Ha (Pentium III Xeon)

NEC began selling the Express 5800/180Ha in August 1999 as part of the high-performance Express 5800 series. The 180Ha was a high-end model with 2 GB of secondary cache memory and ran on up to eight Intel Pentium III Xeon processors (550 MHz).

With 128 MB of level 3 cache memory, a proprietary chipset, and up to eight CPUs, the 180Ha was capable of high-speed shared-memory microprocessing for large-scale systems such as data warehouses. The 180Ha was also suited for large-scale online transaction server applications and enterprise-scale systems since its core memory could be increased from 256 MB to 8 GB and its hard disk capacity could be expanded to 435.6 GB on twelve 36.3 GB hard disks. The server was also suitable for use in mission-critical corporate systems since it was designed for high availability with such standard equipment as CPU fan sensors, redundant power supplies, and the ESMPRO software package, which enabled remote server monitoring from the administrator’s computer. The 180Ha was also designed to reduce the workload on system administrators, with support for automated reporting of server trouble indications to service personnel via the Internet and support for Express Report Service, which scheduled preventative maintenance.

Specifications of the Express 5800/180Ha (Pentium III Xeon)
Model name Express 5800/180Ha
CPU Pentium III Xeon processor x 2
Clock frequency 550 MHz
Secondary cache 1 MB 2 MB
Level 3 cache 128 MB
Max. number of CPUs 8
Chipset 450NX PCIset + NEC 8-way architecture (100 MHz)
Memory Standard 256 MB (64 MB EDO DIMM x 4)
Maximum 8 GB (256 MB EDO DIMM x 32)
Standard Optional
Maximum 435.6 GB (36.3 GB x 12)
LAN interface 100BASE-TX (10BASE-T also supported)
Enclosure Twin full-sized towers
Dimensions [mm] 445 x 715 x 810 (w x d x h)

NEC Express 5800/180Ha