【NEC】NEC Express 5800/56Wb

NEC began selling the Express 5800/56Wb high-performance workstation in March 1999. The 56Wb was equipped with either one or two of Intel’s newest and fastest processor, the Pentium III Xeon processor (500/550 MHz). The processor’s excellent core performance — coupled with its use of 70 streaming SIMD extended instructions for faster multimedia processing and the high-speed multiprocessing computation capability — made the 56Wb ideal for 3D graphics, image editing, analytic simulations, and other processing-intense applications. Memory could be extended to as much as 2 GB thanks to the use of the 440GX AGPset chipset and 512 MB of ECC SDRAM memory. The 56Wb model with NEC’s TE3A 3D graphics accelerator chip scored a remarkable 156.30 on the Viewperf CDRS-04 test, a standard benchmark test for 3D rendering performance.

Although a workstation, this model is included in the PC server section because the Express 5800 series included both PC servers and PC workstations.

Express 5800/56Wb
Model name Express 5800/56Wb
CPU Pentium III Xeon (500 MHz) Pentium III Xeon (550 MHz)
No. of processors 1 - 2
Cache memory Primary cache 32 KB
Secondary cache 512 KB
Chipset 440GX AGPset
Memory Standard 256 MB
Maximum 2 GB
Internal hard disk Standard 8.6 GB (10,000 rpm)
Maximum 17.2 GB
PCI bus 3 slots (3 blank)
PCI/ISA bus 1 slot (1 blank)
LAN interface 100BASE-TX or 10BASE-T
Enclosure Mini tower
Dimensions [mm] 216 x 433 x 452 (w x d x h)

NEC Express 5800/56Wb