【NEC】Express 5800/130Pro

NEC began selling the Express 5800/130Pro in February 1997 as part of its Express 5800 high-performance server series. This model could accept one or two Intel Pentium Pro processors with a clock frequency of 200 MHz and permitted hard disk hot-swapping without stopping operations. The Express 5800/130Pro could run either Microsoft’s Windows NT Server 4.0 operating system or Novell’s NetWare operating system. It featured excellent scalability for a server and could be expanded to two Pentium Pro (200 MHz) processors, 1 GB of main memory, and 51.6 GB of hard disk memory. Hard disks were hot swappable and compliant with the Ultra Wide SCSI standard. For better operability and reliability, the server came with ESMPRO, a server management software package, and a server management board that provided remote maintenance functions. The Express 5800/130Pro was positioned to build economical client-server systems with excellent operability and reliability.

Model name Express 5800/130Pro
CPU Pentium Pro (200 MHz)
No. of processors 1 - 2
Cache memory Secondary cache 256 KB
Memory Max. 1 GB
Internal hard disk Standard 4 GB or 8.6 GB
Max. 51.6 GB
LAN board 100 Mbps

NEC Express 5800/130Pro