【Mitsubishi Electric】Apricot FT8000 Series

Mitsubishi Electric announced the new Apricot FT8000 series of client-server computers in April 1996. The series included the FT8000/800, the first model in the world with eight Intel Pentium Pro processors, which were the state of the art at the time. The series also included the FT8000/400, which was expandable to four CPUs.

Mitsubishi Electric used the following architecture with the Apricot FT8000 series for faster processing speeds:

  • Symmetric microprocessing with up to eight 200 MHz Pentium Pro processors
  • The servers featured a 32-bit high-performance micro channel bus architecture (MCA) and seven expansion slots (four 32-bit slots and three 16-bit slots).
  • The 800 model included a 4 MB system cache
  • The architecture, which included a high-speed system bus (582 MB/s), a high-speed PCI bus (132 MB/s), and a Fast-Wide SCSI-2 HDD interface (20 MB/s), was designed to maximize the entire system’s throughput

Mitsubishi Electric added the following server designs to achieve the reliability needed for mission-critical business operations and large-scale networks:

  • Online-swappable power-supply modules for easy expansion and redundancy
  • Standard, built-in UPS
  • RAID controllers with RAID 5 support, and automatic data recovery to disks after online-swapping
  • Used ECC system bus and ECC memory

Main memory could be expanded to 1 GB and up to 44 GB of hard disk capacity could be housed within the servers. With expansion units, disk capacity could be increased to 228 GB. The servers had ten expansion slots.

Mitsubishi Electric outfitted the servers with advanced server control units with the following features:

  • A specialized hardware unit independent of the main server hardware monitored and controlled the server hardware, collected error data, automatically reported data to a specified terminal, and controlled the server’s power supply. Remote maintenance was possible even when the server was off thanks to a special processor that operated from an independent power supply.
  • A secure environment was assured with user authentication functions and callback functions as well as with the application of encryption technology to the authentication process when the server was remotely accessed from a management terminal.
  • An automated scheduler could schedule when to turn the server on and off and which applications to run at system start-up.
Specifications of the FT8000
Model name 400 800
Type name M3581-A120 M3518-A220 M3518-A240 M3518-420 M3518-440 M3582-A880
CPU Processor Pentium Pro 200 MHz
No. of processors 1 2 (max. 4) 4 8
Memory CPU internal cache memory 16 MB primary cache, 256 MB secondary cache
System cache - 4 MB
ROM 512 KB (system ROM)
RAM Standard 32 MB 32 MB (A220) 128 MB (A240) 32 MB (A420) 128 MB (A440) 256 MB
Expanded 512 MB 1 GB
Video RAM 2 MB
Storage memory devices Floppy drive One 3.5-inch internal drive (1.44 MB/720 KB), standard
Hard disks Standard 2 GB x 1 2 GB x 1 (A220) 4 GB x 1 (A240) 2 GB x 1 (A420) 4 GB x 1 (A440) 4 GB x 2
Maximum 22 GB (2 GB x 11) (internal only) Internal: 44 GB (4 GB x 11) Expansion unit: 92 GB (4 GB x 23), two units supported Total: 228 GB (4 GB x 57)
Controller PCI, SCSI-2 (Fast-Wide)
RAID Extra RAID controller (RAID 5) (optional)
Internal CD-ROM unit 4x CD-ROM unit (standard)
Internal streaming tape unit 4 GB streaming tape unit (optional)
Expansion slots PCI 2 (one blank) 2 (one blank)
EISA 1 (not blank) 3 (two blank)
Shared PCI/EISA 3 (all blank) 5 (all blank)
Server control unit Server monitoring, auto fault reporting, remote maintenance (reboot, power on/off, etc.) Security functions, unit lock key monitoring (front/rear) Auto power control (optional)
Standard rating VCCI Type 1
Power supply Input power supply 100 VAC ± 10%, 50/60 Hz
Power consumption 850 W (max.) 900 W (max.) 1,280 W (max.)
Energy consumption efficiency 230 W 2 CPUs: 270 W, 4 CPUs: 350 W 530 W
Uninterruptable power supply unit Standard built-in unit (five minute max. battery backup time with maximum configuration)
Redundant construction N + 1 redundant construction (required number of power-supply units + one extra unit) (optional)
Other details Operating conditions Temperature:10-35℃,humidity:20-80%RH (below the point where condensation forms)
Dimensions [mm] 450 x 830 x 700 (w x d x h)
Weight 150 kg (max.)
Supported operating systems Windows NT Server Version 3.51, Japanese edition
UnixWare 2J AS

Mitsubishi Apricot FT8000