【Mitsubishi Electric】Apricot FT/s Series

Mitsubishi Electric announced the Apricot series of client-server computers in April 1991 as client-server systems to meet the growing trend toward distributed processing as more and more offices installed LANs. The series consisted of FT servers, Qi workstation clients, and LAN terminal clients. The description below applies to the FT servers.

Mitsubishi Electric used the latest PC technology to build the FT servers with the performance, capacity, and scalability servers need as well as with robust security and reliability.

  • The servers were standard equipped with an Intel i486 32-bit high-performance CPU (25 MHz), 128 KB of external cache memory, and 4 MB of main memory. Main memory could be expanded up to 16 MB.
  • The servers featured a 32-bit high-performance micro channel bus architecture (MCA) and seven expansion slots (four 32-bit slots and three 16-bit slots).
  • The flagship model (M3507-A110) could house up to 5.2 GB of hard disk capacity. Access speeds were increased substantially with the provision of a 240 KB high-speed disk cache.
  • Mitsubishi Electric furnished the servers with a total security system, including infrared security cards for access control.
  • The servers were standard equipped with an uninterruptable power-supply unit that could power the server for up to 30 minutes in the event of a power outage. Extra reliability was added with redundant disk controllers for highly reliable disk operation.
  • As an option, the servers could be fitted with a streaming tape backup system with up to 1.2 GB capacity, which simplified backing up even the largest hard-drive configuration.
  • The servers ran NetWare or LAN Manager, which were well-regarded, standard network operating systems.

The top-end models of the series, the DS/90 7800E and 7900E, were announced in May 1995.

Specifications of the Fujitsu DS/90 7800E and 7900E
Model name Apricot FT486-25S Server
Type name M3507-A103 M3507-A106 M3507-A110
CPU Intel i486 32-bit microprocessor (25 MHz)
Memory Cache memory 128 KB (external cache) standard, 8 KB (processor cache)
ROM 128 KB (system ROM)
RAM 4 MB (expandable to 16 MB)
Video RAM 512 KB
Storage memory devices Floppy drive One 3.5-inch drive (1.44 MB)
Hard disks Capacity 347 MB (max. 4,535 MB) 647 MB (max. 4,835 MB) 1,047 MB (max. 5,235 MB)
Access time 14.5 ms 16.5 ms 15.0 ms
Disk cache 45 KB 45 KB 240 KB
Controllers Max. two (SCSI interface)
Internal streaming tape unit 1.2 GB, 320/525 MB, 150 MB (all are optional)
Interfaces RS-232C One channel, standard (D-sub 25 pin, ASYNC)
Printer One channel, standard (Centronics, D-sub 25 pin)
Mouse One channel standard
LAN Ethernet or Token Ring (both are optional)
Expansion slots Seven slots (four 32-bit slots, two 16-bit slots, one 16-bit video slot) MCA bus
Uninterruptable power-supply unit Standard (30 minute max. of battery backup time)
Security system Standard (max. 100 registered users per unit)
System panel Power indicator, two disk operation indicators, control panel
Speakers Yes
Calendar function Year, month, date, hour, minute, second (battery backup)
Standard rating VCCI Type 1
Other details Power supply AC100VAC±10%,50/60Hz
Power consumption 990VA
Radiated heat 800 J/second (688 kcal/hour)
Operating conditions Temperature:5-35℃,humidity:20-80%RH (below the point where condensation forms)
Dimensions [mm] 410 x 625 x 625 (w x d x h)
Weight 65kg

Mitsubishi Electric Apricot FT486-25S