【Electrotechnical Laboratory】 Development of the SIGMA-1 Data Driven Computer

In 1987, the Electrotechnical Laboratory succeeded in developing the SIGMA-1 data driven computer. It was developed as one part of "Research on High-Speed Computing Systems for Science and Engineering (Supercomputers)", a project for developing large industrial technology. The system clock was 100ns, and the machine attained maximal performance of 427 megaFLOPS and 640MIPS. It had 128 constituent processors (PE) and 128 structure data processors (SE), and could exhibit parallelism in machine instruction units. Performance of 170 megaFLOPS and 200MIPS was obtained in initial experiments, thus verifying the practicality of a data driven system. The system used the DFC and DFC II languages, which were designed to make the C language data driven.

128 Processor SIGMA-1