【Oki Electric Industry】 Software for OKITAC5090

"OKITAC5090," completed in May 1961, was Japan’s first transistor computer to make full use of a magnetic core in the main storage. In OKITAC5090, the basic program, called a monitor, was described in a machine language, and application programs were described in an assembler language or a high-level language. The program languages implementedfor this computer were OKISAP (assembler), OKIART (FORTRAN) and OKIPAL (ALGOL).

Because of using the magnetic tape system, the monitor is continuously working, assembling or compiling, linkage-editing and executing prigram loaded on main memory.

In addition, the following utility programs were developed and provided:

  • Program loader
  • Scientific and engineering computing sub-routine
  • Sorting/merging
  • Debugging tools (Checkpoint and Tracer)

This computer system was used for academic research by a number of national universities, including Tokyo University’s Computation Center, Kyoto University, Kyushu University, Otaru University of Commerce, Kobe University, Yokohama City University and the University of Electro-Communications.