【NTT】 DIPS-105-01/02OS

Precedential to DIPS-105OS, the 103-10OS family was commercially introduced and used from December 1973 as the operating system (OS) for the DIPS Time-Sharing System (TSS) of Nippon Telegraph and Telephone Public Corporation (now called Nippon Telegraph and Telephone Corporation). Subsequently, there was high demand to expand its functions due to changes in conditions, such as a growing number of computer centers and increased focus on network systems according to the growing demand for services as a result of an increasing number of computer-system customers, growth in the amount of computer resources used by individual users, and service enhancement into new fields including information exchange (e.g., literature search and message exchange between users).

Under such circumstances, investigation began of 105OS as an updated version of the OS for TSS. As a result, 105-01OS was developed and released, supporting new functions for the scientific and engineering computing service DEMOS-E (which began in November 1972). These new functions included an inter-computer communication function, multiple message control, and communication-processing controller support.

The 105-02OS, a revised version of 105-01OS, supported the expansion of functions, such as a capability to address increase in file size, an inter-computer communication function, multiple message control function, information exchange support utility, and TTY/ASCII terminals. Development of 105-02OS started in 1976, and revisions were completed in 1978. The OS was used until around the late 1980s.